Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous translation or conference interpreting is the most demanding of all forms of interpreting, because of the speed at which complex source content must be reproduced into complex target content, at the same rhythm, with the same tonality, and with a meaningful structure in messages, arguments or statements, in any field of expertise.

Simultaneous interpreting requires technology to support this interpretation mode: a sound-proof or sound-insulated work space, headsets, conference microphones, onsite interpreter technology or video remote interpreting technology.
The value of simultaneous interpretation at conferences with international audiences – whether onsite or online – lies in the instant, clear, accurate, and full rendering of presentations and speeches as a key success factor.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is still perceived as a fundamental competency for staff interpreters in international institutions, to demonstrate abilities in the analysis, summary, and reproduction of the essential content of an original speech or presentation, but without reproducing the full content in all details.

Consecutive also means non-simultaneous, and therefore the interpreter is given extra time to summarize the essentials of a story, a message, a speech or a presentation.

Consecutive interpretation is very rare in the private market for international meetings, because it is time consuming and less accurate. It is more widely applied for company visits, guided tours and incoming visitors, where it is difficult to use equipment for simultaneous interpretation, but it is also suitable to support delegates for budget purposes.

Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpreting can be either in full consecutive mode between two or more delegations or speakers of a foreign language, or a combination of consecutive and whispering mode (chuchotage) as explained further.

Liaison or ad hoc interpreting is not an ideal solution for large meetings with large audiences and presentations that require non-stop simultaneous interpreting, as this interpretation mode comes with delays in the translation.

This is a preferred solution for workshops, Q & A sessions, select committees, board meetings, round-table sessions, or other small meetings with a limited number of people and languages. Liaison interpreting is not recommended for large groups and complex language regimes that require manual sound management and professional interpretation equipment.

Chuchotage or Whispered Interpreting

The interpreter stands or sits next to the delegate, visiting participant or representative to whisper the spoken source message in simultaneous or near-simultaneous mode.

The reply from the delegate will be interpreted by another interpreter who whispers the message to the other delegate. In reality, true whispering would be barely audible and the interpreter instead speaks softly by lowering their voice to avoid interference, but also so they can hear the other speakers clearly.

Chuchotage or whispered interpreting is often a combination of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting on the spot and is not a good solution for bigger audiences and conferences.

This interpretation mode is ideal for small, flexible last-minute working groups and committees with a limited number of participants and languages.

Escort Interpreting

The interpreter accompanies a visiting representative or delegate from abroad, and uses a combination of consecutive and liaison interpretation.

Escort interpreting supports all use cases where mobile visits on the same working day are required, allowing delegates and interpreters to move from one location to another without additional interpretation equipment.

Escort interpreting is a good solution for supporting incoming business travellers from the airport to the hotel and the meeting venue, or during breaks, time-outs, lunches and dinners between formal sessions of bigger meetings.

Escort interpreting or person-to-person interpreting is a good interpreting solution for tradeshows, language support for incoming delegates, factory tours or during external audits to accompany and support foreign speakers by interpreting from and to the visitor’s language.

Tour Guide Interpreting

Tour guide interpretation works with a so-called tour guide system: a portable translation system with wireless headsets and a portable microphone for guides and interpreters to make their voices heard by the listeners.

The main benefit of a portable tour guide system is that this interpreting solution supports mobile groups on the move or in any work scenario with a small number of people where mobile translation equipment is required.

Tour guide interpreting is not ideal for large meetings with an audience as the interpreters lack a soundproof interpreting booth to avoid background noise.

Tour guide interpreting with portable headsets is an ideal solution for small groups on the move but also for working groups, select committees, or board meetings with a limited number of participants and languages.

Mastervoice can support your working groups and visitors with mobile tourguide systems in any country worldwide via our local AV partners.

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