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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous translation is our core expertise for international corporate organizations, event organisers and meeting planners worldwide.

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) supports your onsite, hybrid or online meeting with highly qualified human interpreters on any platform, in any location and in any world language.

We also support hybrid meetings with onsite or online simultaneous interpretation. Remove language barriers for your international audience and employ expert native speakers to support all your multilingual meetings.

Professional human native speakers are your best guarantee for offering a complete, reliable and faithful interpretation of the original message from your speakers, presenters or meeting moderators.

Reach out to us for advice on simultaneous interpreting or request our best proposal for your next multilingual meeting.

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Interpreting Equipment

Mastervoice partners with best-in-class audio-visual providers to support multilingual meetings with high-end interpreting equipment, conference microphones and soundproof interpreter booths.

We can support any meeting worldwide with trusted local providers who meet the highest standards in audio-visual support with next-gen interpretation technology. This means their equipment and service meets the international standards IEC 764 for infrared transmission, ISO 4043 for soundproof interpreter booths and ISO 60914 for the supply of conference services.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mastervoice for support or request our best proposal.

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Applied Language Technology

Applied Language Technology includes all audiovisual supplies, software and hardware required to support an international meeting with simultaneous interpreting.

Remote simultaneous interpreting must meet international standard ISO 20108:2017 for the quality and transmission of sound and image, as well as standard ISO 20109:2016 for simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms.

Our plan of approach when it comes to quality management includes technical tests, connectivity tests, dry runs and onboarding sessions before the start of any live multilingual meeting to sound-check interpreters and presenters.

Contact Mastervoice or request our best proposal to support your next multilingual event.

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Human Translation Services

Mastervoice applies a service-oriented total quality management system in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 in every stage of the quality process: from translation by qualified native speakers, through revision by a second qualified translator with subject expertise to final review of service requirements.

Our translation services are audited through the Language Industry Certification System (LICSĀ®) by Austrian Standards.

We also offer post-editing services for machine translated output (MTPE) in conformity with ISO standard 18587:2017 certified by the Language Industry Certification System (LICSĀ®) by Austrian Standards.

Corporate communication requires human translation or full human post-editing to offer reliable, complete and faithful translations. This is still true in times of artificial intelligence (AI). Nothing beats human intelligence from human native speakers in professional translation services.

Contact us for advice on professional human translation or request a quote.

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Hybrid Interpreting Solutions

Hybrid interpreting offers the best of both worlds in onsite and online interpreting. Remote participants or attendees can join onsite meetings, connected rooms or videorooms from home, from the office or from any location with a reliable network, a microphone and a web camera.

Hybrid interpreting solutions can include any combination of onsite or online simultaneous interpreting and onsite or online participants or speakers depending on the event organizer’s preferred meeting setup and format.

Hybrid conferencing is an ideal solution for connecting local speaker rooms with a remote audience. Interpretation is provided remotely or at the meeting venue.

Hybrid events require a dedicated event management team to coordinate the organization of multilingual hybrid meetings with online and onsite support.

Contact us for more information or get in touch to receive our best proposal.

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Language Coaching

Language Training

Improving communication skills in foreign languages is key in today’s business. Mastervoice offers native teaching and blended learning with remote learning technology to help learners acquire efficient language skills for today’s global working environment.

Online language courses

Our teaching expertise provides bespoke language training modules for international organizations, multinational companies and business people eager to improve their language skills.

Reach out to us for advice or request our best proposal for your language coaching needs.

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