Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) has been around for some time, but the health crisis was the greatest accelerator of demand for distant interpretation on videoconferencing platforms.

Remote simultaneous interpreting requires videoconferencing technology to support interpreters and delegates. The interpreters work from their home office or a shared interpretation hub with a colleague working with the same language combination.

The delegates can still meet onsite or in a hybrid setup, and interpretation can be delivered via traditional infrared receivers or smartphones depending on the type, setup, format and audience of the remote or hybrid meeting.

Online meetings with online interpretation are the best solution in terms of cost-efficiency as all interpreters and delegates connect from their office or from home without travel time, accommodation or subsistence costs.

The added value of remote simultaneous interpretation for online or hybrid meetings is the same as for onsite meetings: the goal is to deliver a full and faithful interpretation of the original by human expert interpreters.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a video communication solution for providing sign language interpretation or spoken language interpretation from remote locations to support one-to-one or few-to-few interpretation between 2 sites.

Video remote interpreting is not the same as remote simultaneous interpreting, which is suited for multilingual meetings and conferences with an audience. Instead, VRI is an ideal solution for interpretation-as-a-service from remote locations where instant language support is required, e.g. hospitals, construction yards, airports.

Typical use cases for video remote interpreting involve web devices with a camera and microphone, ranging from smartphones and laptops to mobile kiosks in buildings where there is a frequent need for instant language support.

End users with a high demand for this interpreting solution are police stations,  hospitals and construction sites. Video remote interpreting is ideal for job interviews involving two languages to support your human resources department, legal division or international customer support service.

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Interpreting Streaming Solutions

Interpreting streaming services are used to support large audiences in international meetings or conferences with simultaneous interpreting.

Streaming solutions enable attendees and delegates to connect as listeners to their preferred native language in any webinar or online meeting.

Interpreting streaming is ideal for instructive and informative webinars with a panel of expert speakers and an international audience of hundreds or even thousands of participants in listen-and-view only mode.

Streaming is not recommended for interactive session with a high degree of participation between the audience and the virtual speaker room. Typical use cases are streaming channels with live interpreting on the landing pages of international organizations or through social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or the dedicated landing page for your international event.

Mastervoice partners with interpreting streaming experts who are familiar with multilingual conferences for international audiences, including the provision of branded landing pages to connect your global audience.

Put your next international event on the world map and connect with audiences from remote regions with interpreting streaming solutions. We will be happy to support you with expert advice and high-end language technology.

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Remote Consecutive Interpreting

Remote consecutive interpreting is similar to consecutive interpreation for onsite meetings, but the interpreting service is delivered in a remote meeting environment.

Consecutive interpretation means the interpreter waits for the original message before conveying the message in another language, usually after a few sentences or after an indication by the speaker to translate the message.

Consecutive interpretation is not ideal for presentations, speeches or webinars with time delays between two languages as interpretation is not simultaneous.  This means you need to plan extra time to allow consecutive interpretation.

The main benefit is that you do not require remote interpreting applications. The interpreter joins the online meeting like any other participant and is assigned as consecutive interpreter between two languages. The more languages you require, the less efficient is the use of consecutive interpretation, as delays are accumulated between the various languages.

Remote consecutive interpreting is similar to ad hoc or liaison interpreting. The ideal use case is a meeting with conversations or sessions between two languages, two locations and a restricted number of conversation partners.

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Hybrid Interpreting Solutions

Hybrid interpreting offers the best of both worlds in onsite and online interpreting. Remote participants or attendees can join onsite meetings, connected rooms or videorooms from home, from the office or from any location with a reliable network, a microphone and a web camera.

Hybrid interpreting solutions can include any combination of onsite or online simultaneous interpreting and onsite or online participants or speakers depending on the event organizer’s preferred meeting setup and format.

Hybrid conferencing is an ideal solution for connecting local speaker rooms with a remote audience. Interpretation is provided remotely or at the meeting venue.

Hybrid events require a dedicated event management team to coordinate the organization of multilingual hybrid meetings with online and onsite support.

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Integrated Interpreting Solutions

There are several remote interpreting solutions available on the market today to support multilingual meetings, using different applications, platforms and technology.

The demand for integrated interpreting solutions is very high, and the need to connect proprietary or popular videoconferencing applications with simultaneous interpreting is also on the rise.

Mastervoice partners with best-in-class language technology providers to support your international meetings, events and conferences with simultaneous interpreting.

We support any conference application with simultaneous interpretation using dedicated interpreter solutions that can be integrated into your preferred meeting platform or accessed via a separate interpreter application on smartphones.

You can combine the use of traditional infrared receivers for your congress or meeting with remote simultaneous interpreters into any world language.

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