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Language is more than a code

Language rarely has a purpose of its own, unless of course you are learning or studying languages.

Professional language services, and in particular translation and interpretation, are instruments to unlock messages and to create understanding and respect between people and cultures.
Expert linguists with talent and passion can work magic with this wonderful instrument called language regardless if you work as copywriter, translator, or interpreter.Language is not a collection of words and structures. It is the result of a complex human process. In this process, thoughts, emotions, and messages are reconstructed into meaningful messages to convey an opinion, a vision, a conviction, a story, a state of mind or any original or authentic message that makes us unique as human beings.

Language is part of human nature

Human language is the result of complex processes in the human mind, ideally expressed with a language we understand as our native tongue, the language we grew up with. Simultaneous interpretation is a very complex form of human language communication with a mix of cognitive, psychological and mental processes.

Language and interpreting in times of A.I.

The disruptive transformation of onsite language technology into video remote interpretation, remote simultaneous interpretation, and other forms of cloud solutions will increase the demand for simultaneous interpreting. The substitution of onsite by online interpreting is already a reality in today’s language market. And not just in the form of for traditional meetings but also for customer services, legal, administrative or technical support, shared service centers  or other online services or interactions.

Without any doubt, remote simultaneous interpreting is here to stay. There is a future for human expert interpreters decoding and reconstructing the complex thoughts of the unique human brain, even in times of advanced artificial intelligence.