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Industry Wired Magazine ranks Mastervoice in the global top 10 of most reliable language service providers. Reliability has become a key asset in times of crisis.

This award of Industry Magazine strengthens our mission to build confidence as a trusted language service provider for international meeting planners.   

Internationalization of global enterprises with remote SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING

Mastervoice is a language service provider, delivering simultaneous interpreting solutions as its primary expertise for various multinational organizations. The company’s professional language services include an array of solutions viz., onsite and online interpreting, video remote interpreting, remote simultaneous interpreting, neural machine translation with human native post- editing, and high-end speech technology for multilingual transcription and subtitling of audio- visual content.

Its unique selling proposition to the language industry lies in the synergy of language technology and expert linguists to meet ever-increasing requirements in terms of quality, cost-efficiency, and innovation. Mastervoice adheres to its principal values, i.e., reliability and a client-oriented and service-minded approach. Besides, it has a proven track record as the trusted language supplier for global organizations, corporations, and international associations and institutions.

Creating a Roadmap to Success

Mastervoice was founded in 1998 by the current owner and CEO, Eric Bauwelinck. Eric is a conference interpreter who has dedicated his career to supporting international meetings with simultaneous interpreting and to removing cultural and linguistic barriers between multinational companies. It was in this time frame that global companies with European subsidiaries were setting up European Works Councils to support international participation, consultation, and social dialogue between employers and employees from different countries, in numerous languages, and between different cultures.

Mastervoice has actively contributed to the success of the social dialogue in Europe as the preferred supplier of simultaneous translation for corporate organizations. This helped the company to build a track record of confidence and reliability for quality-sensitive international organizations and their stakeholders in their native language.

Eric mentions that the company’s mission is to support the internationalization of global organizations and companies with innovative language technology, coupled with high availability of qualified linguists: conference interpreters, expert translators, and language coaches. Today, owing to its outstanding services, Mastervoice has become a trusted language partner of 1,193 international and multilingual organizations since its establishment.

An Idealistic Leadership

In 2008, Eric Bauwelinck, owner and founder of Mastervoice, patented innovative language applications for remote simultaneous interpretation and online language coaching to support the vision of combining linguist expertise with an advanced online language technology in the cloud.

Twelve years later, in 2016, Eric wrote and published an award-winning book on the transformation from onsite to online interpreting: Voices from Above, A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpreting, which was awarded by the New York Times Best selling Author Raymond Aaron for Eric’s contribution to the interpreting industry with his vision on the future of simultaneous interpreting.

Loyalty, reliability, and service- mindedness are part of our mission to help international organizations deliver their message to the world and speak the language of their customers anytime, anywhere, and in any language. Mastervoice was one of the global pioneers in promoting video remote interpreting as the next generation solution for interactive multilingual meetings without physical presence; this fulfills current needs during the international health crisis, which has been a tremendous accelerator of remote simultaneous interpreting for global meetings.

In times of intensified demand for cost-efficient cloud solutions, the company combines the best interpretation, translation, and speech technology with expert native speakers to meet the requirements of multilingual international organizations. Mastervoice’s slogan, ‘Masters in Languages’, reflects in its expertise towards helping organizations speak the language of its customers and stakeholders, which improves their worldwide branding, and expands their global reach.

Optimizing Remote Interaction with Disruptive technologies

Eric feels that live interactive meetings still require human interpreting to reproduce the initial message and content in every detail, faithfully and authentically reproducing the original speakers in international meetings. However, as video remote interpreting unlocks the global capacity of qualified conference interpreters, speakers and delegates from remote workplaces, hubs, studios, or connected rooms can meet in central meeting rooms with large audiences onsite. This trend is reinforced by current health-related restrictions and enables local audiences and rooms to interact and engage with speakers worldwide.

Simultaneously, the growing need for audio-visual translation with a multilingual transcription of web- based meetings and subtitling is fulfilled by cloud- based speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology, with human post-editing by native speakers, linguists, and reviewers.

Finally, learning and development are supported by distance learning solutions and online coaching with interactive webinars. Mastervoice also expects distance learning to be enhanced with improvements in lifelike human interaction using next-gen video technology, as well as improved bandwidth with the launch of 5G mobile networks.

Offering Real-World Solutions by Reliant Partnerships

Mastervoice adopted video remote interpreting well before it became common practice as a successor to over-the-phone ad hoc interpreting to support conference calls. COVID-19 has proved to be the greatest enabler of this transformation, due to health-related restrictions on business travel and business meetings. This has accelerated the company’s efforts to create global partnerships with leading partners in video remote interpreting and web conferencing, in order to offer global support to its international customers in every time zone.

Challenge to Meet Current Demands According to Eric, adoption, and acceptance of video remote interpreting was not widespread before the coronavirus crisis. Hence, speaking and interpreting from home with the interpreter’s own devices on private networks is currently the biggest challenge from a technological viewpoint.

While the avalanche of meeting cancellations worldwide since the outbreak of the crisis has had a huge impact on the revenues of language service providers and linguists worldwide. Also, in the light of this unprecedented worldwide disaster, many global organizations have hoped for a sympathetic response to avoid compensation and cancellation fees. This has led to a great deal of goodwill about the lack of compensation for lost business due to the health crisis.

Consequently, it was essential for Mastervoice to deliver on the promised company values to overcome this crisis. By fostering a culture, harboring loyalty, reliability, and service-mindedness proved helpful for the company to cope with this global disaster.

These core values of Mastervoice are integral to its mission statement and aligns with its intention to help international organizations deliver their message to the world and speak the language of their customers anytime, anywhere, and in any language.

Notable Accreditations and Recognitions Mastervoice is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for the full scope of language services: simultaneous interpreting, translation, language technology, and language coaching and language advice as a certified provider of professional language solutions with externally audited quality management systems.

In 2008, Mastervoice patented applications for remote simultaneous interpretation and online language coaching to support its future strategy in online language solutions.

Further, it has an ISO 17100 certification under the Language Industry Certification System by Austrian Standards International for translation services as well as an ISO 18587:2017 certification for human post-editing of neural machine translation. The company was ranked in the top 15 global onsite interpretation providers by Common Sense Advisory in 2014 and 2019.

An Age of Language-Based Technology

Language technology will gain importance in the industry following increased demands for cost efficiency, online interpreting during health-related restrictions, and to manage the total cost of ownership of cloud-based language solutions.

Eric is confident that Mastervoice is well-positioned to offer a range of video remote interpreting solutions in line with the specific requirements of international organizations, including next-gen translation and post-editing of neural machine translation as well as remote language coaching. Building trust and confidence in proven reliable language solutions is vital for the near future, and this is where the language company aims to focus in the next few years.

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