Simultaneous Interpreting Technology

Simultaneous interpreting technology is indispensable to support the human interpretation effort. Interpreting technology can include infrared receivers for participants with infrared transmission, soundproof interpreter booths and tabletop microphones to enable a clear and direct audio feed from the floor.

Experienced floor technicians and remote operators are required to support onsite, online or hybrid multilingual meetings because audio quality is a key factor in professional simultaneous interpreting.

In remote simultaneous interpreting settings, it is very important that all speakers and presenters self-test their audio devices ahead of the meeting to make sure they are clearly audible by the interpreters who can in turn reliably relay the message of your presenters and speakers.

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Audio-visual Support Solutions

Mastervoice partners with best-in-class audiovisual providers to support multilingual meetings with high-end interpreting equipment, conference microphones and soundproof interpreter booths.

We can support any meeting worldwide with trusted local providers who meet the highest standards in conference support and use next-gen interpretation technology. This means their equipment and service meet the international standards IEC 764 for infrared transmission, ISO 4043 for soundproof interpreter booths and ISO 60914 for the supply of conference services.

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Applied Language Technology

Applied Language Technology includes all audiovisual supplies, software and hardware that is required to support an international meeting with simultaneous interpreting.

Remote simultaneous interpreting has to meet the international standards ISO 20108:2017 for the quality and transmission of sound and image, as well as standard ISO 20109:2016 for simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms.

Our plan of approach in quality management includes technical tests, connectivity tests, dry runs and onboarding sessions before the start of any live multilingal meeting to sound-check interpreters and presenters ahead.

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Conference Interpreting Experts

Since 1998, Mastervoice has been providing conference interpreters to corporate organizations, international companies, governments, institutions, associations, event organizers and meeting planners, with a very high client retention rate.