Hybrid Simultaneous Interpreting

Hybrid meetings with simultaneous interpreting have been around for some time, but the health crisis increased the need to connect onsite participants with remote participants to save time and money in cost-efficient meetings.

Hybrid meetings involve the in-person presence of participants talking face-to-face to each other, who are simultaneously connected to remote or virtual participants logging in via a videoconferencing application or platform.

In hybrid setups, interpreters can be connected physically or virtually depending on the degree of required in-person interpreting service at the meeting venue. If interpreters are expected to support delegates during breaks, joint meals or mobile visits it is recommended to have the interpreters onsite.

The most cost-efficient solution in hybrid meetings is to connect online attendees and online interpreters to a local hub or studio, from which the presenters can deliver their presentations, followed by an online Q&A.

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Hybrid Connected Rooms

Connected rooms can be linked to an online platform or meeting to communicate between two locations, two meeting venues, or two hubs or studios. The interpreters can be onsite or online depending on the degree of required in-person interpreting service.

Interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous in this setup. Consecutive interpreting is ideal for one-one-conversations between two locations, but not for full-content presentations where attendees expect a full and instant translation.

Mastervoice can support any hybrid connected room with simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, from any location, in any world language.

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Hybrid Streaming Solutions

Hybrid meetings with streamed interpreting provide in-person and online participants with a continuous flow of instant interpreting on a single channel, where the speakers or presenters on the floor or in the studio always use the same source language.

Streamed interpreting is not recommended for meetings with a high degree of interactivity between presenters, moderators and attendees. Language streaming is ideal if you wish to provide remote interpreting from local meeting venues to large audiences via your event website or social media.

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