Translation means business

Content is king in translation

The translation of your content must be a faithful reproduction of your source content in form, wording and style, to meet the purpose of your content for your end users, customers and stakeholders.

Your message, style, register and overall image will impact the behaviour of your leads, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Quality Translations

Best-in-class quality management system

We apply a service-oriented total quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 certification in every stage of the quality process: from translation by qualified native speakers, through revision by a second qualified translator with subject expertise, to final review of service requirements.

Mastervoice is audited through the Language Industry Certification System (LICSĀ®), a brand owned by Austrian Standards, and a major reference for certification.

Corporate Communication

International branding image

We offer expertise in corporate communication for multinational companies and international organizations: website localization, human resources, economic and financial reporting, European Works Councils, associations, corporate companies and international small and medium-sized organizations.

Speak the language of your customers worldwide.

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Human Translation Technology

SEO with human translation

Content that is human, relevant, clear and appealing for your clients has become a determining factor in website globalization. Lack of linguistic quality as a result of machine translation that has not been revised or reviewed by human linguists is sanctioned by the new search engine algorithms.

Machine translation alone is never perfect without post-editing by human translators, expert reviewers or linguists. Professional human translations are your best guarantee for relevant content localization.

Return on Investment

Return on investment in translation

Translation gives access to international markets in the language of your leads, customers and stakeholders. Professional human translation will boost your international image, brand and presence on the global market, resulting in more business opportunities, more requests for proposals and more value for your money.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Full human post-editing

Machine translation requires full human post-editing for validation, revision and to generate translations that are equivalent to a fully human translation in accordance with the ISO standard 18587 for post-editing of machine translation.