Kaizen at work (Gemba)

Kaizen consists of two words: Kai and Zen. Kai means positive change, while Zen refers to wisdom or peace - a place that represents uprightness as well as appropriateness at the same time.

Continuous improvement, lean management and a central focus on the customer are built into our DNA. We have incorporated Kaizen in change management as part of our business culture, with internal audits, quality circles, management reviews, and team briefings. A key factor in lean business management is the elimination of waste (Muda).

The zero-default mindset of Kaizen is the best approach to exceed customer expectations. A plan-do-check-act procedure is crucial in ensuring the successful management of language projects. Continuous improvement and dynamically adapting to changes in the market are essential processes in the value proposition that we offer.

Last but not least, the Kaizen philosophy helps us support international companies with effective and cost-efficient language solutions. We are also proud to be the preferred supplier of a number of global Japanese companies who embrace the Kaizen way of life in their business culture.