Lifelong learning has now become an indispensable strategic tool in order to compete and grow in today's language industry. And although there is a rise in new digital innovations in the translation and interpreting sector, it is often hard to identify the potential benefits for end users of language services, professional linguists and other stakeholders. 

Language coaching has now progressed well beyond providing language training alone. In order to create value, coaching has to integrate with and support the long-term strategies of corporates as part of their international growth ambitions. 

This includes coaching combined with advice on language technology, language skills and language tools capable of providing hands-on support to international organisations, meeting planners, interpreters and translators. 
Increasingly, coaching and advice in language services and technology is rapidly becoming a key requirement to ensure growth and development in the language industry. 

In 2020, Mastervoice plans to roll out a comprehensive range of coaching offerings. In addition to coaching and advice, we will also share valuable insights and best practices in language technology.

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