At this time of the year we wish to express our gratitude with a sincere thank you for giving us your confidence to support the international dialogue with simultaneous translation services. We believe human language interpretation is the ultimate gateway to global understanding and exchange.   

We look very much forward to working together in 2023 and beyond !


Since the outbreak of the Corona virus the world is in shock.

Some countries are experiencing worst-case scenarios, others are witnessing this pandemic with fear and disbelief that the world as we knew it suddenly becomes a place of great uncertainty. This global health crisis is well underway to evolve into a global economic crisis. Interpreters worldwide have seen a relentless avalanche of cancellations in the wake of this global disaster.

United we stand.

Covid-19 is well underway to become a global disaster for international organizations, companies and interpreters across the international meeting and language industry. Currently, everyone is dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, which has had a substantial impact on meetings with an unstoppable avalanche of cancellations. Hotels, meeting venues and meeting planners are all working in survival mode today.

Kaizen at work (Gemba)

Kaizen consists of two words: Kai and Zen. Kai means positive change, while Zen refers to wisdom or peace - a place that represents uprightness as well as appropriateness at the same time.

Lifelong learning in the language industry

Mastervoice was nominated for best employer and most innovative language company in Belgium by the editorial board of language sector journalists in Belgium. This award is very encouraging to continue our efforts in making a difference in human resources management and in offering innovative solutions to the language industry.

To support the growing demand for online language solutions, Mastervoice is hiring a language project coordinator.

Do you have a genuine passion for languages?

Do you want to play a key role in promoting international cooperation and communication?

Current state of video remote interpreting

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Our mission is to boost the globalization of businesses and organizations with simultaneous interpreting, video remote interpreting, and website localization.

Are you a meeting planner, professional speaker, event organizer, association or do you simply want to present your business on the international market?

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Mastervoice nomination for the publication of the book 'Voices from Above' on the transformation journey from onsite to online interpreting.