Simultaneous Interpreting

What is simultaneous interpreting?

simultaneous interpreting

Contrary to consecutive interpretation with a summary or abstract of a presentation, simultaneous interpreting provides instant and full interpreting of all presentations using interpreter equipment with headsets, ISO 4043 certified interpretation booths and IEC 60914 compliant conference systems including amplification, projection and other audiovisuals to support your meetings.

Other forms of interpretation are liaison interpreting or ad hoc interpreting for select committees, board meetings, workshops, site visits, demonstrations or small groups of delegates. This is often a combination with whispering interpreters to support one or two delegates.

Simultaneous interpreting is by far the most professional solution for international conferences . This requires qualified conference interpreters who add value to your meeting and delegates and speak the voice of your clients, guests, relations and stakeholders.

What are the 5 major interpreting modes?

1. Simultaneous interpreting or conference interpreting

This is the most stressful of all forms of interpreting, because of the speed at which complex source content must be reconstructed into complex target content, at the same rhythm, with the same tonality and focus, and with a meaningful structure of messages, arguments, and statements in a field of expertise.
Simultaneous interpreting requires the technology to support this interpretation mode: a sound-proof or sound-insulated workspace, with digital headsets, digital microphones, onsite interpreter technology or video remote interpretation technology.
The value of simultaneous interpretation at conferences with international – onsite or online – audiences lies in the instant, clear, accurate, and full rendering of presentations and speeches as key success factor.

2. Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is still perceived as a fundamental competency for staff interpreters in international institutions, to demonstrate the abilities of analysis, summary, and reproduction of the essential content of an original speech or presentation without reproducing the full content in all details.
Consecutive also means non-simultaneous, therefore the interpreter is given extra time to summarize the essentials of a story, a message, a speech, or a presentation. Consecutive interpretation is very rare in the private market for international meetings, because it is time consuming and less accurate. It is more widely applied for company visits, guided tours, and incoming visitors, where it is difficult to use equipment for simultaneous interpretation, but also suitable to support delegates for budget purposes.

3. Liaison or ad hoc interpreting

This can be either in full consecutive mode between two or more delegations or speakers of a foreign language, or a combination of consecutive and whispering, or chuchotage, mode as explained below. This is often used for workshops, Q & A sessions, select committees, commissions, round-table sessions, or other small meetings with a limited number of people and languages. This is not recommended for large groups and complex language regimes, due the lack of sound amplification and interpretation equipment.

4. Chuchotage or whispering

The interpreter stands or sits next to the delegate, foreign visitor, or representative to whisper the spoken source message in simultaneous or near-simultaneous mode. The reply from the delegate will be interpreted by another interpreter who whispers the message into the ears of the other delegate. In reality, real whispering is barely audible and therefore the interpreter speaks softly by simply lowering his or her voice in order not to disturb anyone, but also to be able to hear the spoken input more clearly.

5. Escort interpreting

The interpreter accompanies the visiting representative or foreign speaker, and uses a combination of the above interpreting modes in standby mode. This can be an interpreting requirement for tradeshows, incoming delegates, factory tours, or audits to accompany and support foreign speakers during their visit by interpreting from and into the visitor’s language.

Video remote interpreting

The transformation of existing onsite language technology with the increasing demand for video remote interpretation, remote interpretation, and other cloud interpretation solutions will increase the demand for simultaneous interpretation, because online and virtual meetings require instant and complete interpretation of online webinars, conferences, presentations, and any other virtual interaction.
The substitution of over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) by video remote interpretation (VRI) will be part of that major transformation, not only for meetings, but also for customer services, IT support, legal or administrative support, shared service centers, semi-automated web-bots, chat boxes and messaging services, and live virtual interactions where instant simultaneous interpretation is required.

How do interpreters support globalization?

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting increases your international branding image. Our key references include multinational organisations, international associations and meeting planners. As recognised language consultant for international conferences, congresses, events and seminars we have the human and technical resources to support you and your event with professional language solutions.

As a pioneer in interpretation technology we have introduced remote interpretation solutions. Mastervoice is the first language service provider for crowdsourcing solutions such as online multilingual chat and instant online conference calls in no less than 150 languages.

5 benefits of simultaneous interpreting 

Increase of engagement, participation and retention of your participants as meeting planner.

Enhancement of employee participation in the social dialogue process for human resources.

Reach more sales leads and acquire more deals by speaking your clients' voice in sales & marketing.

Scalable and flexible online interpretation solutions to launch you as a global service provider.

Improved customer loyalty and rapport with the stakeholders of your international organization.