What is simultaneous interpreting?


simultaneous interpreting with professional conference interpreters

What is simultaneous interpretation?

Contrary to consecutive interpretation with a summary or abstract, simultaneous interpretation provides instant and full interpretation of all content with simultaneous interpreters and interpreter technology: headsets, interpretation booths or video conference systems for video remote interpreting.

Other forms of interpretation are liaison interpretation or ad hoc interpretation for select committees, board meetings, workshops, site visits, demonstrations or small groups of delegates. This is often a combination with whispering interpreting to support a limited number of listeners.

Simultaneous interpreting is the most professional solution for your international meeting. This solution requires qualified conference interpreters, who are your cultural ambassadors for meaningful exchanges and presentations with return on investment. They are the voice of your organization for your valued clients, guests, relations and stakeholders.

simultaneous interpretation benefitsWhat are the key benefits of simultaneous interpreting ?

Meeting planners: increased engagement and participation of your stakeholders and customers.

Human Resources: improved employee participation and a meaningful and rich social dialogue .

Marketing & Sales: more sales leads and deals by speaking your customers' voice worldwide.

Corporate clients: scalable online interpretation solutions to develop your global business.